2 Suited Scorpion Solitaire

Step up your game with Scorpion Solitaire.net's intermediate difficulty Two Suit Scorpion Solitaire.

Two Suit Scorpion Solitaire is played just like one suit Scorpion, except you must now deal with two different suits, upping the difficulty level. The cards need to arranged in descending columns (Kind-Ace) in order of suit. You may move any stack of cards, no matter what lies in them, so long as the top card matches (one less and same suit) the bottom card you are moving it to.

Avoid that scorpion sting, and soon you will be on your way to the true Scorpion King!

Online Scorpion

  • Free online solitaire
  • Only scorpion solitaire, all the time
  • Two suits = intermediate difficulty


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